Although companies have automated many of their processes, much of the work is still done manually and routinely. For example, employees have to manually enter data and switch between systems, applications and screens in order for the critical business processes to function. Such activities have no added value in themselves. They take time, pose an inherent risk and are expensive.

Axisto replaces these tasks with Robotic Process Automation (RPA), which performs the tasks 24/7, quickly and error-free. In this way, employees can contribute added value by focusing their attention and expertise on those tasks that are important. Freeing up time simplifies the transition from reactive to proactive operational processes. RPA is highly flexible – it can be used in many different areas and can be scaled up and down quickly. RPA adds value by better exploiting and expanding the possibilities of machine learning and artificial intelligence. Axisto provides advice to find your best options and supports you to implement these new ways of working.